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Smart Security

Interactive Professional Security Solution

EverGuard™ is a graded, wireless alarm system that allows security providers to offer an intuitive home and business security experience to their customers with remote management and voice interactivity. This is a perfect solution to monitor both residential and small/medium commercial environments.

Key Features

Interactive Professional Security Solution

Attractive and simple mobile app allows users full control and visibility of their home's security.

Advanced radio frequency

Providing highly reliable and efficient communication between panel and peripherals.

Video verification

Camera detector transmits visual images of potential intrusion to monitoring center and end-user.

EverGuard™ Control Panel

Controls all peripheral devices and communicates with the cloud-based server.

Camera Detector

For visual alarm verification and on-demand viewing.


An additional control unit for the system.

Motion Detector

Triggers alarm when detecting movement in its range.


Sounds different alerts based on need (safety and security)

Door/Window Sensor

Detecting intrusion attempts based on multiple sensors, including shock.

Outdoor Camera

Dual detection for early intrusion triggers and alarm verification.

Tag Reader

For indoor and outdoor system control.

Remote Control

Allows to remotely control the system.


Technologically advanced

EverGuard™ is a propietary technology that is today's most advanced platform for security, safety and monitoring.

Absolutely reliable

The combination of intrusion detection, communication and a real-time pircture of the premises ensure appropiate response and intervention only when and where necessary.

Cutting-edge and field proven solution

Fits any home or business environment.

Enhance your offering with Essence Cloud Services Platform:


Control Panel

The Everguard™ control panel communicates with the peripheral devices, and with the backend server in the cloud.

Camera Detector

The camera features built-in motion detector to trigger the camera's activity. Live images are sent to the monitoring station and to end user’s app. Data is encrypted for use only by authorized users.

Door/Window Sensor

The door/window sensor reports to the control panel the status of any door or window. It can be used to know whether the resident or caregiver came in or out, or indoors, in various locations and applications. An integrated shock sensor adds reliability to the sensor.

Emergency Button

A fixed emergency button can be installed near the bed or wherever needed so that the resident can quickly and comfortably signal any issues.

Flood Detector

Safety device for early warning of water leakage.


Battery-operated indoor siren provides high-decibel sound upon event triggering, and has different sounds according to the alert. Can be disabled remotely through the app.

Remote Control

The bi-directional compact remote control, also referred to as the Key Fob can be used to set the alarm, and as a personal panic button. Remote deactivation can be used in case of loss or theft.


An additional control unit for the system.

Motion Detector

The motion detector identifies what rooms are used at what times of the day, and can determine if there are changes in habits that might indicate a health issue. In addition, it can identify entrance to the premises, and to alert for extreme temperatures.

Outdoor Cameras

Dual detection for early intrusion triggers and alarm verification

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector adds an extra layer of safety in the place that matters the most–your home.

Tag Reader

Personal access for particular individuals can be provided through the proximity reader and personal RFID tag

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