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Smart Security

Professional systems for every home and business

Our Smart Security system provides professional graded security with highly dependable and tailored smart solutions that will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Smart Security solutions are scalable and cost effective offerings that provide everything from perimeter security to safety from dangers such as flood or fire. With robust, elegantly designed hardware and proprietary protocols, Essence Smart Security ensures your customers will enjoy both peace of mind and high-quality transparent service.

Smart Security

Safety at home

Monitoring of safety events such as water leakage or fire, is always active. For example, the flood detector detects a water leakage and alerts the monitoring company that immediately informs the resident. A parent, for example, who is not at home at the time, will receive the alert in order to get someone to repair the problem

Remote control & verification

When a security alarm is triggered, the monitoring station can quickly see a visual of the home or business, and verify the situation. If it’s a false alarm, the alarm can be turned off remotely, without waiting for someone to get home. If it’s a real alarm, the security company immediately dispatches a guard.

How it works

Modular & expandable

Fits any home environment or business

Lifestyle friendly

Unique design

Advanced prof. security

​Enhanced with safety & home management

Reducing cost

With remote management and maintenance

Eliminate false alarms

Video & audio 2-way communication

Increasing customer loyalty

With additional valuable services

Reliable & high quality

Proprietary tech. several communication channels

Anywhere anytime

Home control via mobile app.

Intuitive experience

Simple to use and manage

Grows with expanding needs

Additional devices & services


Antonio Anguita Ruiz

Chief Executive Officer, Securitas Direct Spain

"Essence is one of our most important systems' provider and a strategic partner for many years. They are doing a remarkable job in enabling our business growth and expansion into new markets. Essence unique combination of commitment and agility has enabled us to overcome challenges and capture large opportunities."

Oleg Rybakov

Senior Technical Director, GulfStream EverGuard and WeR@Home partners

“Essence is one of our strategic partners enabling us to grow our professional security business to households and small medium businesses with EverGuard™. EverGuard™ has proven its flexibility to fit various home and office environments combined with its strong reliability to support our customers' evolving security and safety needs".

Reliability and trust

Essence Smart Security systems are designed for highest reliability, durability, and ‎elegance, so you can stand out as the leader in your area. Essence systems communicate using ‎proprietary RF communications protocols for higher reliability and robust security capabilities.‎

Expand with modular, rich systems

You’ll always have the right solution for a wide range of customers with the huge ‎range of Essence Smart Security components and applications. Essence dashboard enables service providers to manage customers' home remotely and provide ‎comprehensive real time monitoring.‎

Improve busienss performance

Reducing false alarms with visual and audio verification combined with remote management allow you to reduce costs ‎of sending out security personnel and technicians. Dashboard and remote ‎management tools allow you to manage, upgrade, configure, and maintain devices from your central office.

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