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Smart Living

Complete Home Management Platform

WeR@Home™ Complete Home Management Solution provides security monitoring companies with a platform to increase their services offerings with a cloud based connected home platform. Customers can independently manage their home environment from anywhere, anytime, in real time, and on any screen.

Key features

Smart Rules

WeR@Home™ transforms the users’ experience, allowing them to fully control their homes with automated Smart Rules. Homeowners can easily create scenarios that trigger multiple actions at a single touch, such as setting the garden to be watered at a certain time in the morning.
A fully integrated Connected Home experience can be achieved by setting automatic event driven actions.

Mobile Apps

Users can experience the full connected living experience with super intuitive Mobile Apps that are beautifully designed and that seamlessly allow users to monitor and control their connected home from anywhere.
WeR@Home™ integration tools allow service providers to adapt the apps with their own look and feel.

Service Provider tools

WeR@Home™ is not just for the user experience. Service providers can keep customers engaged around the clock with a new level with advanced tools to remotely assist their customers, software upgrades and provide professional security services.

WeR@Home™ in your home

IP Camera

The HD Camera which is fully integrated with WeR@Home™

Camera Detector

For on-demand viewing and visual alarm verification.

Temperature control

Connect Smart thermostats to manage room temperature.


Control 3rd party lights and lamps for energy saving.

WeR@Home™ Hub

Manages all peripheral devices and communicates with apps and cloud-based server.

Door/window Sensor

Triggering event when the door is opened.

Door Lock

3rd party door lock enables remotely opening and locking doors.


Sounds alarm in case of break-in, and different sounds for safety alerts.

Mobile App

Manage and monitor your home from anywhere at anytime, and receive alerts in real-time.

Monitoring Center

WeR@Home™ can easily be integrated into a monitoring center to create a professional security system.

External IP Camera

The HDCO is fully integrated in WeR@Home™, connected to the LAN on the premises.


Energy saving modules

Save energy and money by controlling your lights and air conditioning even when you are not at home.

Security and safety at the core

Be notified of security events in real time.

Modular and Expandable

Manage many connected home devices.

User Friendly

Do-it-Yourself installation, simple setup. Simple and easy to use application.

Enhance your offering with Essence Cloud Services Platform:


WeR@Home™ Hub

The WeR@Home™Hub controls all devices, and communicates to the backend server. It is the heart of the system. The Hub supports up to 98 devices.

IP Camera

An indoor 1 MP HD cube network camera which is fully integrated with WeR@Home™. Using its Wi-Fi capability, the HDCI communicates with WeR@Home™ through the LAN on the premises.

External IP Camera

The HDCO is an outdoor 1.3 MP HD bullet network camera which is fully integrated in WeR@Home™, connected to the LAN on the premises.

Camera Detector

The camera features built-in motion detector to trigger the camera's activity. Live images are sent to the monitoring station and to end user’s app. Data is encrypted for use only by authorized users.

Motion Detector

Motion detector is used to detect movement within the sensor’s range.

Door/Window Sensor

The door/window sensor can be applied to any door/window within the home and sends alerts when a door/window is opened or closed.


Battery-operated indoor siren provides high-decibel sound upon event triggering, and has different sounds according to the alert. Can be disabled remotely through the app.

Remote control

The bi-directional compact remote control, also referred to as the Key Fob can be used to set the alarm, and as a personal panic button. Remote deactivation can be used in case of loss or theft.

Tag Reader

Personal access for particular individuals can be provided through the proximity reader and personal RFID tag.


Flood Detector

Safety device for early warning of water leakage.

Smoke Detector

Smoke detector for fire warning. The smoke alarm works independently, also if the system is malfunctioning.

Universal Transmitter

The transmitter can be used for integration of wired legacy devices.

Z-Wave Extender

The Z-Wave Extender enables the WeR@Home™Hub to control and communicate with Z-Wave devices, such as door locks, thermostats, light dimmers, etc.

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