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Smart Living

Living life fully through smart connected homes

Smart Living enables consumers to enjoy the possibilities that life offers, through seamlessly and remotely managing their connected homes from anywhere, at anytime, on any screen in real time.
Essence Smart Living opens up new business opportunities for service providers looking to differentiate their offerings with an easy to install, DIY app-based self-managed, simple to use and comprehensive Smart Home solution enabled by Internet of things and M2M communication technologies.

Being home without being at home

Expecting a technician but you're not at home?

See a visual of the technician at the door, speak to him, remotely unlock the door to ‎let him in, and partially switch off the alarm system only in the rooms where he ‎needs to perform the repair. View real time photographs or video of his movements ‎in the house. When the technician is done, lock the door behind him and secure ‎your home again.‎

Kids and babysitter come home before you?‎

Your app notifies you that the children and babysitter arrive on time, or get ‎notification they aren’t home yet. The air conditioning or heating was automatically ‎set to be ready as they walk in, and the door is automatically locked behind them as ‎they enter. Get visual access to through the app and be alerted when someone ‎arrives at the door.‎

Home Customization

The air conditioning or heating systems can be automatically ‎set to your liking as you enter your home, as well as having the door lock automatically behind you. Get visual access through the app and be alerted when someone ‎arrives at the door.‎

Going on vacation? Professional monitoring on demand

Activate professional monitoring before going on vacation. Get visual updates at any ‎time on app. The garden is watered automatically, and the house ventilation works ‎according to a predefined schedule. Any time an alarm is triggered, the central ‎monitoring station is alerted in real time and you get visual updates through the app.‎

Connected living

Security and Safety

Our comprehensive solution includes perimeter alarms, motion detection, notification, live video, door, window locks and control, and access control. We also offer fire and flood alarms, motion detection and remote connectivity.

Home Management

Our mobile applications allow for remote home management at any time, on any screen, in real time.

Energy Saving

Reduce energy consumption and save money by ensuring that lights, and heating/cooling systems are off when there is no one at home.

How It works

Smart Home for everyone 

Affordable solutions for mass market


Increases ARPU 
Flexible busines models

Cost effective

​Technician-free installation
Remote maintenance and configuration

Expandable and modular

Fits any home environment

On demand professional monitoring

Via web and mobile apps

Clear lifestyle value 

New experiences away from home

Self-monitoring anywhere

Mobile and web apps
Real time access to home management system

Simple and personal experience

Easily adding automation devices according to my needs


Oleg Rybakov

Senior Technical Director, GulfStream EverGuard and WeR@Home partners

“We recently decided to expand our business and grow with Essence Smart Living offering - WeR@Home™ - into new customer segments in need for smart home services. We value Essence unique combination of commitment and agility that has enabled us to overcome challenges and capture large opportunities.”

Service Provider Benefits

Customer base expansion

Service providers can address families who are looking for ease, comfort, and peace of mind. The do-it-yourself (DIY) installation means no hassle for service providers and no drilling for consumers.

Business growth

Offer a variety of solutions, or more comprehensive solutions, to existing customers. Essence is modular, enabling customers to start small and move up to additional peripherals and personalized scenarios.

Competitive Edge

Lead the field with comprehensive Smart Living solutions, and differentiate your offerings with elegant and robust hardware design and apps your customers will value.

Bottom Line

Essence solutions are designed to be easily deployed and managed at a low cost to service providers. DIY installation and remote maintenance & management allow rapid deployment and maintenance without sending technicians.

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