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Smart Care
Our Care@Home™ product suite offers a seamless monitoring experience that enables seniors to live independently in their homes.

Proactive care from families

Care@Home™ Family brings customized care for your loved ones with an advanced interface that allows family members to keep abreast of elderly relatives who require partial or full daily monitoring. This flexible solution enables family members to adapt monitoring parameters to the needs of the resident and can be used as a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

Key Features

Easily installed

Customized family care –decide what is important for you to monitor.

Flexible rules engine

Set alerts according to your parents’ habits.

Monitoring app

Family and caregivers monitoring app. Get a clear picture of resident’s daily activities.

Professional monitoring

Highly scalable solution for home-care providers.

Automatic alerts

To indicate hazard and worsening health scenarios.
Add more value to your Care@Home™ Family with:

Care@Home™ PERS Control Panel

The Care@Home™ PERS Control Panel communicates with the peripheral devices, and with the backend server in the cloud. The control panel supports up to 32 peripherals such as cameras, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, etc. The control panel also includes a main emergency button and a 2-way audio communication capability for the service provider to communicate with the resident.

Emergency Button

A fixed emergency button can be installed near the bed or wherever needed as a wireless extension to the main emergency button, so that the resident can quickly and comfortably signal any issues.

Portable Emergency Button

For complete protection, the portable emergency button goes with the patient and is a wireless extension of the main emergency button. It can be worn as a pendant or as a wrist strap and used to trigger emergency alerts from any place around the house.

Motion Detector

The motion detector identifies entrance to the premises, and alert for extreme temperatures.

Flood Detector

The Flood detector is a safety device for early warning of water leakage.

Smoke detector

The Smoke detector adds an extra layer of safety in the place that matters the most–your home.

Door/Window Sensor

The door/window sensor reports to the control panel the status of any door or window. It can be used to know whether the resident or caregiver came in or out, or indoors, in various locations and applications. An integrated shock sensor add reliability to the sensor.

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