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Smart Care
Our Care@Home™ product suite offers a seamless monitoring experience that enables seniors to live independently in their homes.

Complete protection indoors and outdoors

This is the future of mPERS

Care@Home™ Active is a ground breaking mPERS solution that extends the existing Care@Home Aging-in-Place platform beyond the home to provide protection anywhere, allowing seniors to continue leading an active lifestyle.
The intelligent EP-Advanced Fall Detection panic device, worn by the resident while indoors, seamlessly changes to outdoor mode when the resident leaves their home by communicating with the user’s cellular phone. Location based fall and panic alerts to family members and healthcare providers allow seniors the freedom to maintain their mobility without being bound by unnecessary additional devices.

Key Features

One device

Fall detection, Emergency Call and Activity Monitoring while indoor and outdoor- without the need for a dedicated device


Geo-protection & Geo location- if a resident has strayed outside of their usual walking perimeter, or to locate the resident in case of an emergency.

Works in Conjunction

Care@Home Active works in conjunction with any Care@Home senior care system.


Care@Home Active brings a better and more effective solution to the problem of protecting people indoors and outdoors

  • Uses device already owned by customer.
  • Wearable does not need to be charged. It has a 2 year battery life.
  • Customer is free to use their own mobile provider. No need for extra SIM/Data package.
  • Wearable is small and light compared to current bulky options.

Expanding Revenue, increasing Profitability

Expand your end-user reach by providing value to lower-age seniors who are more active and spend more time out of the house using existing devices allows you to add services without additional hardware cost by using the customer's Smart Phone to provide connectivity you don't require a dedicated cellular account

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