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Smart Care

Independent living solution for seniors with full confidence and peace of mind for their loved ones

Care@Home™ Enhanced Telecare Services Platform is An Aging-in-Place product suite that offers a seamless health monitoring experience allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.
Essence Care@Home™ enables families to be confident that their dear ones are cared for, while end-users are enabled to maintain their independent lifestyle.

Care@Home™ allows service providers the flexibility to offer their customers services ranging from emergency alerting to a professional intelligent home care solution, which constantly learns and adapts to the daily behavior of individuals and provides alerts with different severity levels based on deviation from the daily routine.

How it works:

Personal & Proactive

Predictions and alerting to
provide immediate care in case
of worsening health conditions

Improved & Efficient Services

Smart analytics engine
enabling the right treatment at
the right time


Living at home independently

Confidence in immediate care if

Seamless care experience

A self-learning system without

Peace of mind

Prevention of health

Anywhere anytime

Real time notification and



“With Care@Home™ in my home, I feel safe without the need to wear any bracelets or pendants. It works by itself as if it isn't there, and I carry on with my life as usual.”

Service Provider

“Essence allows us to deliver clear value to our customers: Better life quality. The seamless operation of the system allows our customers to age at home with dignity and peace of mind…”.

Family member

“Care@Home™ allows me be calm, knowing my mother is cared for also when I’m not around. The app updates me of both health related and safety concerns like fire and water leakage, enabling me to always be there for my mother when she needs me ".

Service Provider


“We can manage more efficiently our nurses’ shifts and headcount resources, while still maintaining high quality care services. Actually, it’s been improved!”.

Being the first

Lead the field with comprehensive solutions that introduce a new level of care for the elderly population who wish to age at home. Essence introduces an advanced seamless technology with elegant stylish design and intuitive apps.

Upgrade your service

Based on a comprehensive Personal Emergency Response System, you can expand your business and offer new services with next generation smart care solutions, providing services also for the family members. Smart Care offerings provide modular solutions that easily expand with new services.

Gain customer's trust for life

Providing proactive and personal care through real time notification and alerting on apps enables you to form a trust-based relationship with the resident as well as the whole family.

Low-risk, high return

Essence is a full partner with all of its service providers. We enable you to start small with basic personal emergency response systems, moving to robust intelligent solutions that provide seamless monitoring of daily activities. As you grow, we grow with you.

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